“When I was a child I used to love and collect photographs of the great Hollywood divas, extremely feminine and unreachable women with a magnetic beauty”. Even as a child then during her studies, Cinzia Evangelista discovered her innate passion and talent for the world of Haute Couture. She would spend days sketching and drawing on large blank sheets, letting her immagination take flight and give shape to women as beautiful and unattainable as the Hollywood stars. She would observe her mother and grandmother, both dressmakers, and learned from them the art of sewing.

She attended the Institute of Art and then the Italian Fashion Institute in Rome. After her first experiences in different fashion houses and atelier, she decided to start her own brand and Haute Couture atelier bearing her name. Her greatest dream was to preserve the excellent craftsmanship and know-how of Made in Italy, and to celebrate sophisticated beauty and elegance, together with romanticism and femininity.

The Brand Identity

Inspired by some of the most glamorous Hollywood divas of the 40s and 50s like Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe, Cinzia Evangelista sets out to relive the allure of an era characterized by style, elegance and perfection. Taking inspiration from the past, our principal aim is to let you feel our passion for quality, excellence and pure femininity, and experience the magic of Haute Couture.